All I can say is, Grover better be in that wedding dress …



I recently saw the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters trailer online, and so far: OK. They finally have the demi-gods fighting the true villain of the books, Kronos, instead of foiling a plot of Hades. For those of you who don’t see why that is significant, imagine that in the Harry Potter movies they decided to make Snape the real villain instead of Voldemort, and then see how mad you get. Annabeth is now blond instead of brunette, they’ve included Clarisse, Tyson looks like he could very well be a naive cyclops, and Nathan Fillion is Hermes. I mean, if Fillion, the one and only Mal and Captain Hammer has attached himself to the project, it can’t be that bad, can it? But I’m afraid I’ll have to reserve judgement until I see the movie, as I was burned by the first one so badly. Being in a theatre with approximately 200 seventh graders experiencing their first bout of nerd rage at the destruction of their beloved book’s plot will do that to you. But for those online who have immediately criticized the trailer for not sticking completely to the plot, I say relax for a moment. They may have to fix what went wrong in the first movie, and the transition from adored book series to film can be hard. I’m hoping to see a movie that is not strictly sticking to the book’s plot, but that maintains the humour and sarcasm that would naturally accompany teenagers with godly powers trying to complete heroic quests in the contemporary United States. But at some point, Percy and Annabeth have to rescue Grover from the lovesick Cyclops, and Grover has to be in a wedding dress when they do so. Because, come on, that’s just good theatre.

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