11 Parenting Facts from the Past Four Months


Talk about being a lifelong learner.  As I go through each day exploring with my son and learning from my mistakes, I think about the revelations that I have arrived at over the weeks.  The list is certainly adaptable, but here are a few that immediately come to mind …

1. The new grandparents, who used to enter your house and ask how you were, now start a conversation with the query “Where is he?”

2. You never before knew how relieved you will feel when your baby lets out an enormous burp or fart.

3. You unconsciously praise stranger’s babies when they burp or fart.

4. You long for just one adult conversation per day.

5. You have no problem switching from normal adult conversation to baby talk in the presence of your child.

6. You think that Apple should advertise the fact that iphones can take direct hits of milk and spit-up and still be fully functional.

7. You are constantly teaching yourself to complete many tasks one-handed.

8. You realize that you can actually be very efficient when the baby is down for a nap and you have T-minus 20 minutes to get something accomplished.

9. You don’t mind looking like a fool in public, as long as it calms the baby.

10. You will dredge up lyrics from every song that you have ever memorized in the hopes that this next one may calm the crying baby.

11. You will never be so exasperated and so completely in love with the same person at the exact same time.

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