Happy New Year … Now I’m Going to Go Read


I promised myself that in 2015 I would write more posts about reading, books, literacy, and education. Now, with the New Year approaching and my resolution needing to be fulfilled, all I want to do is go and read Masterminds & Wingmen by Rosalind Wiseman. I think that’s telling about how I’m going to approach the New Year. I will try to make 2015 a year of learning and sharing. I will continue to read books that engage and inform myself and my students. I will use social media as a tool to realize my own potential and connect with other educators, while still remembering that the printed word will be my primary focus. Finally, I will continue to foster the love of reading at home, as my son practices his letter sounds and announces that it’s time to “go to bed and read books”. So many New Year’s quotations compare the coming year to a new chapter or a fresh page that must be written upon. Here’s hoping my next chapter will be informative, enlightening, and satisfying.

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